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Each organisation has specific goals and operates in a particular context. As regards research or consulting services, each has distinct requirements. Because each assignment has a different definition of success, a key element of the Hibernian Consulting approach is to work with a client to tailor our research techniques and project team to meet the precise requirements of an assignment. We use in-house consultants and outside experts to ensure we have the precise skills needed to fulfil all of our clients' expectations.

The following are the principal areas in which we work. See also some examples of our Clients and Projects.


Strategic Planning

We work with organisations in the public, private and community/voluntary sectors in supporting them to prepare strategic plans. In most cases, these tend to be medium-term (i.e. three to five years) in nature. We work closely with the organisations involved during the planning process, as considerable learning can arise from the fresh perspectives generated during the process of preparing the plans. Where appropriate, we can develop performance indicators and targets for the plans. In the public sector, our work includes the preparation of plans under the Strategic Management Initiative and under the Local Authority planning framework.

Project and Programme Evaluation

Driven by the influence of Structural Fund programmes, recent years have seen a recognition in Ireland that the outputs and cost-effectiveness of public sector programmes, and publicly funded projects, can be greatly improved through evaluation. Recent national partnership agreements call for a "culture of evaluation" across the public sector. Hibernian Consulting works with projects and programmes to undertake External Evaluation studies of their effectiveness, efficiency and impact. We also work as Formative Evaluators, i.e. providing inputs to projects on an ongoing basis and supporting project or programme systems. Our Evaluation work is guided by the European Commission's published best practice standards.

Local and Regional Development

Recent years have seen an increasingly important contribution to Irish economic and social development from local, county-based and regional organisations. These include the local authorities, County Development Boards, Regional Authorities, Regional Assemblies, County Enterprise Boards, LEADER groups and Area Partnership companies. Based on our knowledge of these structures, Hibernian Consulting works with organisations in exploring how best they can maximise their distinct local or regional contribution. This includes working with organisations implementing aspects of the National Development Plan or the National Spatial Strategy.

Public Policy

Influencing a public policy debate requires that participants make contributions that are properly researched and professionally presented. Hibernian Consulting works with trade and professional organisations, social and cultural bodies, educational institutions and others that wish to participate in public policy debates. Our experience of the policy making process, our research and analytical techniques and our links to established PR and communications firms mean we can help organisations present their case to government, to the media and to the public, in a professional and effective manner.

Conference and Workshop Facilitation

Organising and managing a successful workshop or conference requires careful planning and preparation in advance. Decisions as to the mix of participants and the agenda can influence the outcomes on the day. Breaking down barriers between participants and facilitating different viewpoints feed into the success of the event. Hibernian Consulting helps organisations to prepare for and manage events and acts as a rapporteur for conferences and workshops, with the ability to summarise discussions at the end of a session and to prepare a subsequent detailed record of proceedings.

Working with Arts Organisations

As Ireland has become wealthier in the past 15 years or so, budgets and audiences in the arts sector have increased, as has the number of arts venues. Hibernian Consulting has built an expertise on issues facing arts organisations through significant assignments with the Arts Council and through work with arts organisations around the country. This work has included studies on the theatre sector and on participation in the arts in Ireland. We support arts organisations in preparing strategic plans and feasibility studies, in reviewing programmes and in evaluating pilot actions.

Strategic Marketing Research

Our knowledge of the economic and social change occurring in Ireland, and of Irish data sources, gives us an excellent starting point in helping companies to undertake strategic marketing research. Hibernian Consulting draws on its experience of working with both small and large companies to assist enterprises in exploring new markets and in developing market entry strategies. We also work with overseas companies looking to enter, or expand in, the Irish market. Our ability to design and administer questionnaires and surveys underpins this area of our business.

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