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Clients and Projects
Below are examples of Hibernian Consulting assignments, chosen to demonstrate a variety of our recent work. In all cases, information on the projects has already been made publicly available by our clients. (For further information on any of the organisations, click on their logos.)

European Commission - Lifelong LearningEuropean Commission - Education and Culture

Evaluation of Enterprise Project under EU Leonardo Programme

The Leonardo da Vinci Programme is an EU Lifelong Learning Programme that links policy and practice in vocational education and training across Member States. The Sensas project, which runs to end-2010, promotes entrepreneurship among young people, especially apprentices. Hibernian Consulting is working with the project and its partners, including the Dublin Institute of Technology, during its lifetime.

Arts Council   Arts Council of Northern Ireland

Arts Council and Arts Council of Northern Ireland

Hibernian Consulting is leading a team including research, statistical and arts experts to undertake a major study on the working and living conditions of artists in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland. This study is taking place during 2009 and 2010.


Evaluation of Work of MarriagEquality

MarriagEquality is an Irish organisation, part-funded through Atlantic Philanthropies, which is campaigning for civil marriage rights for gay and lesbian people. Hibernian Consulting is working with MarriagEquality in 2009 and 2010 to evaluate its work on a formative basis, including through specific techniques to evaluate advocacy work, such as the use of bellwether methodologies and intense period debriefings.

Department of Education and ScienceFÁS

Department of Education and Science / FÁS

Hibernian Consulting is working during 2009 and 2010 as an ongoing evaluator to the Learning at Work programme. Funded jointly by the Department of Education and Science and FÁS, the programme is operating in six parts of the greater Dublin area, and provides innovative work-based training for low-skilled workers. Hibernian Consulting previously evaluated the programme in 2005-09.

Previous Evaluation Report (1.37 MB): Learning at Work

Health Service Executive Grangegorman Development Agency

Health Needs Assessment in Grangegorman Area

As part of the regeneration of the Grangegorman area in Dublin 7, Hibernian Consulting was part of a consortium that undertook a health needs assessment of the area in 2009. This assessment started from a social model of health and included a survey of 200 households in the area.

Report (3.25 MB): Grangegorman Neighbourhood and Primary Care Area Health Needs Assessment

Department of Communications, Energy and Natural ResourcesDublin Employment Pact

Evaluation of Community ICT Programme in Dublin Region

The BenefIT Initiative was funded by the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources and assisted communities to participate fully in the Information Society. This major programme operated in 2009 and 2010 and provided training and ICT infrastructure to many communities in the Dublin region. Hibernian Consulting worked as a Formative Evaluator to this Initiative. The evaluation report was launched by Minister Conor Lenihan in January 2010.

Ballymun Partnership

Ballymun Partnership – Extension of Social Inclusion Coverage

Following changes introduced by the Dept of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, Partnership companies, which work to combat disadvantage, are operating from 2009 in all parts of Ireland and not just in designated areas of disadvantage. Hibernian Consulting is working with Ballymun Partnership to build socio-economic profiles of the new areas into which it is extending its work, to identify the needs of these areas, and to communicate with people living in these areas as to how the Partnership will be able to assist them in the future.

Crafts Council of Ireland

Craft Council of Ireland

Hibernian Consulting undertook a major study of craft education and training in Ireland during 2008 and 2009. The study covered all levels of education, from primary to third-level, as well as alternative routes to enter the sector and CPD for existing craft workers.

Report (1.8 MB): Creative Pathways - A Review of Craft Education and Training in Ireland

Higher Education Authority Clondalkin Area Partnership

Evaluation of the Access Clondalkin Programme

Access Clondalkin is a pilot programme funded by the HEA which aims to increase the number of people transferring from second-level to third-level education in the Clondalkin area. The programme works with local primary and secondary schools, and local community groups, and was evaluated in 2008 by Hibernian Consulting.

Children Acts Advisory Board

Children Acts Advisory Board

Hibernian Consulting worked with the Children Acts Advisory Board during 2008 in a national consultation exercise to improve inter-agency working in relation to services for children. The Board has a statutory remit in this regard.

 Axis Theatre Ballymun

Report on the Work of the Axis Theatre and Centre, 2002 – 2008

Founded in 2002, the Axis Centre is an important part of the ambitious rejuvenation plans for Ballymun. The Centre’s services include a theatre, rehearsal and recording facilities, a crèche, outreach activities for local schools and touring of productions. Hibernian Consulting worked with Axis during 2008 to review its work since 2002 and to help identify appropriate next steps for Axis.

Equality Authority 2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities for All

EU Year of Equal Opportunities for All

2007 was the EU Year of Equal Opportunities for All. Launched in Berlin at the first ever EU Equality Summit, the strategy for the year for Ireland was overseen by the Equality Authority. Hibernian Consulting worked with the Equality Authority to review activities being undertaken and to support the Authority in identifying a lasting legacy from the Year. This review, and an accompanying legacy document, were published by the Equality Authority in May 2008.

Commission for the Support of Victims of Crime

Commission for the Support of Victims of Crime

The Commission for the Support of Victims of Crime was established by the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform in 2005. A key task for the Commission, which was chaired by an ex-Commissioner of An Garda Síochána, was to devise an appropriate future support framework for victims of crime. By February 2008, the Commission wished to present its draft proposals in this regard to NGOs and to agencies from the criminal justice system. Hibernian Consulting provided rapporteur and facilitation services to the Commission at a major national consultative conference and subsequently prepared a detailed note of proceedings.

Peter McVerry Trust

Peter McVerry Trust

Hibernian Consulting assisted the Peter McVerry Trust in preparing a medium-term plan for the organisation’s activities for the period 2007-2009. This strategy was launched by Minister Pat Carey TD at a conference in Croke Park in October 2007.

Report (1.2 MB): Peter McVerry Trust: Strategic Plan 2007-2009


NDP Gender Equality Unit

NDP Gender Equality Unit - Lone Parents Initiative

During 2006 and 2007, Hibernian Consulting led a team which provided Technical Support Services to the Lone Parents Initiative of the NDP Gender Equality Unit, based in the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform. This Initiative was implemented via 18 County Development Boards, which piloted different actions to assist lone parents in the labour market. It was overseen by a cross-departmental policy committee and its learning fed into discussions on a new policy of 'activation' in relation to lone parents and the labour market.

Arts Council

Arts Council

Hibernian Consulting worked with the Arts Council during 2006 to undertake a major study on attendance by the Irish public at arts events, Irish people's participation in the arts, their attitudes to the arts and other topics.

Final Report (2.21 MB): The Public and the Arts 2006

Sunday Times Article by John Burns (17-12-2006):
Ireland loses interest in the highbrow arts   (article text)

Tallaght EQUAL Assists

Tallaght EQUAL Assists

The Tallaght EQUAL Assists project brought together the HSE, Tallaght Hospital, Tallaght Partnership and a range of other organisations to pilot four actions in relation to care and carers in Ireland. The project reflected the growing importance of care as a policy issue in Ireland. The project ran until Autumn 2007 and Hibernian Consulting worked as an Evaluator to the project.

Policy Paper (1.04 MB): Care Works – A Discussion Paper on New Approaches to Train Carers and Provide Care in the Community

Evaluation Report (1.12 MB): Tallaght EQUAL Assists – Promoting the Status of Caring in Irish Society



In the first half of 2006, Hibernian Consulting prepared a report for Pobal on the achievements of the Local Development Social Inclusion Programme over the period 2000-2006. This report was launched by the Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, Eamon O'Cuiv TD, in June 2006.

Final Report (2.49 MB): Working Together Working for Change

Broadcasting Commission of Ireland

Broadcasting Commission of Ireland

In late 2005 and early 2006, Hibernian Consulting supported the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland in preparing a strategy for the archiving of radio and television programmes in Ireland. This work included preliminary assessment of the likely archiving needs of Irish radio and television broadcasters.

Discussion Paper (529 KB): Archiving of Radio and Television Programmes in Ireland

South Dublin County Council

South Dublin County Council

In early-2006, Hibernian Consulting prepared an evaluation of a pilot initiative by South Dublin County Council in relation to Traveller employment. The initiative, which involved both outdoor workers and clerical staff, is now being implemented by a number of other Irish local authorities.

Equal at WorkDublin Employment Pact

Equal at Work Project

Funded under the EU EQUAL Programme from 2005 to 2007, this major project was led by the Dublin Employment Pact and worked with over 50 organisations to pilot innovations in HR practices and policies. These organizations included Eircom, Dublin City Council, FÁS, the Health Services Executive, EBS and the Small Firms Association. Hibernian Consulting worked closely with the project over its lifetime on planning, indicator development, dissemination of project learning and a range of other Evaluation tasks.

Equal at Work Round 1 Evaluation Report (1.12 MB):
New HR Strategies to Create Equality in Organisations

Equal at Work Round 2 Evaluation Report (1.71 MB):
Building an Irish labour market based on equality and diversity

Engineers Ireland

Engineers Ireland

Hibernian Consulting worked with Engineers Ireland during 2005 on its Knowledge Island 2020 initiative. An Engineers Ireland Task Force was established to identify the shape of the Irish economy (North and South) in 2020, examine how knowledge-based sectors are likely to evolve, and review consequent demand and supply issues for science and engineering graduates. The Task Force was chaired by Mr. Liam Connellan and comprised senior executives from multi-national companies and senior academics. Hibernian Consulting provided research services to the Task Force and undertook a wider Project Facilitation role.

Final report (1.2 MB): Engineering a Knowledge Island 2020

Arts Council

The Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon

Hibernian Consulting worked with the Arts Council in 2005 on a major study of the socio-economic conditions of theatre practitioners in Ireland. As well as a literature review and meetings with key stakeholders, this study included a survey of 195 Irish theatre practitioners. It is the first such study of its kind to have been undertaken in Ireland.

Final report (381 KB):  Study of the Socio-Economic Conditions of Theatre Practitioners in Ireland

Irish Times Article by Peter Crawley (15-11-2005):
You can't live on applause alone   (article text)

Foras na Gaeilge

Foras na Gaeilge

I 2005, bhí Hibernian Consulting ag cur comhairle agus ag tabhairt treoir don Rannóg Gnó de chuid Fhoras na Gaeilge agus iad ag forbairt polasaí maidir le húsáid na Gaeilge a spreagadh san earnáil ghnó. Bhí Grúpa Comhairleach Gnó nua-bhunaithe ag Foras na Gaeilge agus thug Hibernian Consulting tacaíocht bhreise don Rannóg Gnó maidir le hobair an Ghrúpa seo. Our work included the provision of marketing and economic advice as regards promoting the use of the Irish language by the business sector in Ireland.

Meath County Development Board

Meath County Development Board

We supported Meath County Development Board in developing its Action Plan for 2005–2007. Meath CDB consists of some 30 members, drawn from the local government, local development and state agency sectors, and from the social partners. The CDB supports an integrated ('joined-up') approach to the economic, social and cultural development of County Meath.

Sustainable Energy Ireland

Sustainable Energy Ireland

Hibernian Consulting provided economic and public policy inputs to SEI in 2004 and 2005 on meeting the requirements of the EU's Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). SEI implements significant aspects of the Green Paper on Sustainable Energy and the National Climate Change Strategy in Ireland.


Library Association of Ireland

Implementing Strategic Change with the Library Association of Ireland

We have worked at Board level with the LAI in recent years to facilitate a set of strategic and operational changes in how the LAI operates.

R.F. Property Management

Strategic Planning in Property Management

RF Property Management manages some 100 apartment blocks and other developments in the Dublin area and has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Hibernian Consulting worked with the company to assess the impact of new property market legislation on its medium-term business strategy, and in providing other inputs to its strategy development process.

 Department of Social and Family AffairsNorthside Partnership

Department of Social and Family Affairs/ Northside Partnership

In Spring/Summer 2004, we prepared an Evaluation of an innovative pilot training initiative - 'Preparing for Employment Programme for People with Disabilities'. This initiative was funded by the Department of Social and Family Affairs, and was piloted in North Dublin by Northside Partnership.

Final report (656 KB):  An Evaluation of the Preparing for Employment Programme for People with Disabilities

European Union

Impact of Standards in the EU

Hibernian Consulting provided the economic input to a major 2004 European Commission study on the impacts of standardisation in the European Union. (As part of an Irish/Italian consortium)